Mutyda Platform

Solutions for arranging group interaction on the Internet.

Mutyda Speed

Acceleration of application development.
Fast integration and installation of Mutyda Solutions.

Mutyda Mission

Standard for the digital connection of people.

Increased level of control
and security
Digital standard
for group interaction
Broad suitability
of solutions

The Authorization Mechanism for Group Interaction on The Web and The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Mutyda Platform activates events requiring verification of two or more participants in your Web or mobile application.

Connection and Launch Within 20 Minutes

Mutyda Solutions are integrated quickly and easily into your Web or mobile application.
Significant cost and time savings on development of your own solutions using the available Mutyda technologies.

The Unified System for Registration, Storage and Administration of Authorization Keys

The Mutyda Platform allows the creation of digital keys to join users into authorization groups.
When performing group access to data, processes or devices, the keys provide identification for the authorization groups on the part of the Web or mobile application.

How It Works

Integration of the authorization

Authorization request

Confirmation/denial of

Registration within the Mutyda Platform and
integration of the Mutyda authorization
mechanism into the Web or a mobile

Access to the Mutyda authorization gateway
at the request of any authorization group
member, sending sms and email requests for confirmation to other members

Confirmation of requests and forwarding of
authorization group members to your Web
or mobile apps or denial of the request and
termination of operations

Price for developers

14 days of trial period absolutely free of charge!

Warm Up

$ 0,15 authorization
$ 2.5/month
for each script of group interaction
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$ 0,15 authorization
$ 5/month
for each script of group interaction
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Free 14-day trial period!


$ 0,15 authorization
$ 10/month
for each script of group interaction
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>1 000
$ 0,15 authorization
Unlimited number of group interaction scripts
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