Authorization platform for group interaction on the Web and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Mutyda cloud service allows deployment of various interaction scripts within Web and mobile
applications for two or more participants of digital communication.

Increased level of control
and security
Digital standard
for group interaction
Broad suitability
of solutions

Use Mutyda Solutions to Manage Virtual Processes
with Group Participation

Create your own scripts for group interactions in just a few minutes.
Incorporate solutions into your Web or mobile application and discover new possibilities for your customers.

Simultaneous authorization

Group access

Confirmation of all significant
operations of the enterprise

Simultaneous authorization for a group of
users on Web, mobile and desktop applications

Group access and arranging the
impossibility to access resources and
processes without confirmation from all
decision makers

Confirmation or denial of the
enterprise's significant operations by all
decision makers

Integration of third parties into
the process

E-commerce Solution

Other group interactions

Involvement of additional participants in an
active process, automated delegation of
rights to perform certain actions

Solution for engagement of additional
participant to make payment for selected
goods in an online store
(“pay for me” option)

Managing other virtual processes requiring
engagement two or more participants of
digital communication

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Group Access Control for IoT Devices

Use Mutyda Solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) for remote
group activation and deactivation of IoT devices

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Why Choose Mutyda?

Unified system for storage and administration of authorization keys and the independent group authorization platform

Easy-to-use management system for scripts of group interaction

  • Fast and simple deployment of solutions on your
    Web or mobile platform;
  • Adapted for Windows, Andriod and iOS;
  • Significant resource and time saving for
    development of your own applications.
  • In-house analytic center with ability to upgrade in
    accordance with your own goals;
  • User activity monitoring for your application;
  • Online support service.

Innovative turnkey solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT)

What else

  • IoT system design;
  • Selection and setup of microcontrollers for IoT systems;
  • OEM`s manufacturing IoT Devices.
  • Free trial period;
  • Flexible billing system;
  • In-house affiliate program;
  • Special conditions for large-scale, high-traffic projects.

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$ 2.5/month
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$ 5/month
for each script of group interaction
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>1 000
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Unlimited number of group interaction scripts
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