Turnkey solutions for group interactions on the Web and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Development of solutions for Web and mobile applications.

Increased level of control
and security
Digital standard
for group interaction
Broad suitability
of solutions

Solutions Based on Mutyda Authorization Mechanisms


E-commerce Solution for engagement of additional participants to make payment for selected goods in an online store.

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Mutyda Control

Arranging group access and the impossibility to access resources and processes without the proper control of all decision makers.

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Mutyda IoT

Mutyda Solution for remote group activation and deactivation of IoT Devices.

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Mutyda Solution for digital conditioning of significant actions of the enterprise, or delegation of rights to perform significant actions to third parties.

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Development, Integration and Localization of Mutyda Solutions

The Mutyda Solutions Team offers development of new solutions, as well as integration,
setup and support of existing solutions based on Mutyda authorization mechanisms.

The solutions we offer will help you to optimize processes of group interactions
in various areas of Web and IoT segments.



Corporate security


and others...